MATANTI’s market operations follow one another but are not alike. After the successful editions of December 2020, and February 2021, MATANTI has once again rewarded the loyalty of its customers. Through a field operation organized from April 14 to 30, 2021, the company Alpha Bénin SAS, making spaghetti and macaroni MATANTI, demonstrated that with it, a purchase always equals 1 gift.

On behalf of the month of April, in addition to the traditional gifts such as trays, decanters, cups and bags of Matanti spaghetti, fans, stoves and pot sets were distributed in the markets of Tokpa, Bohicon, Ouando , Cococodji, Togba as well as at the MATANTI agency in Missèbo. An innovative action that delights beneficiary consumers who all smiles and appreciate the quality of the product. “Matanti is sweet, you don’t need a lot of ingredients to cook it,” explains Tantie Jacqueline, a Bohicon market dealer. Just like her, auntie Justine confides “that a 500gr bag of Matanti spaghetti is enough to feed 5 people. ”

MATANTI spaghetti are 100% natural products, made from durum wheat semolina. Choosing Matanti is choosing quality.

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