About Alpha Benin SAS

An avant-garde vision

It all started a decade ago with a vision, that of building a state-of-the-art pasta production and distribution company using top quality durum wheat semolina of various origins, to the like of premium international brands.
September 2009 will be the starting point of construction works of ALPHA BENIN SAS, a beninese company. Two years later, ALPHA BENIN SAS emerged from the ground. So in November 2011, were produced the first 100% durum wheat pasta in Benin under the MATANTI brand, expertly prepared products whose quality is recognized in Benin and in the sub-region. Since then, ALPHA BENIN SAS has been making tasty pasta MATANTI manufactured in different formats, thanks to its latest generation fully automated production ligne.

With Matanti products, ALPHA BENIN SAS guarantees to the consumers color, flavor, texture, aroma, and resistance to cooking…

A well-organized human capital

ALPHA BENIN SAS is made up of more than 10 departments with 280 employees of Beninese nationality whose competence, rigor and commitment are at the core of our success.
In all departments, each employee is fully involved at the professional and personal levels, and acts with conscience and professionalism in the general and corporate interests.

A sustained quality policy, at the core of our leadership

Quality ingredients and processes, quality of products, quality and commitment of human resources, these are the concrete Quality Policies of ALPHA BENIN SAS from which the MATANTI brand has been able to take the leading position of the Beninese market in a very short time, ahead of major imported brands.
This quality policy has also earned the company the DANA and NAFDAC certifications, respectively Beninese and Nigerian quality control bodies of food products.

Our values


We consider that the creation of added value, in a sustainable way, requires a responsible behavior towards the company. We therefore act with serious and rigor in our commitments and obligations, whether in our daily work or in our relationships with consumers and suppliers.


Because employees are emotionally and psychologically committed to their job and their work environment, we are working to strengthen their engagement on a daily basis. Our work culture is defined by respect for highest standards, achievement and the quality of the result.


With us, solidarity is not imposed but it is built and lived on a daily basis with all our personel. Because we all live in the same house, we create relationships with employees in order to improve and optimize working conditions. Also, we help each other achieve personal and professional goals that ultimately benefit the company.

ALPHA BENIN SAS : a corporate citizen

Beyond the commercial dimension, ALPHA BENIN SAS is also involved in the daily life of its environment. It facilitates and improves the daily life of the community by providing a non profit contribution to environmental, social, economic and educational progress. ALPHA BENIN SAS shows its social responsibility spirit through various actions.